Friday, February 21, 2014

Drops in a Bucket

As I write this column on a cold mid-January late February morning, North Americans are finding out that the phrase ‘cold snap’ is terribly outdated and that we should be using ‘polar vortex’ instead...

Wait, that sounds familiar. Oh yeah, now I remember. That was something I wrote back in mid-January. The irony is that we, or at least Minnesota and Wisconsin, are about to have another polar vortex thrown at us here in late February after 10 inches of heavy white snow fell overnight. This winter has seriously worn out its welcome.

And that stuff I wrote back in mid-January? It was published online yesterday for the Nature Chemistry Blogroll and is called "Drops in a Bucket". If you want to know the connection between the polar vortex and a drop in a bucket, then be sure to check it out (for free).

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Hunter_S said...

Hello Jon, I am sorry for leaving this inquiry in such an arbitrary spot, but I am an undergraduate student researching polyacrylamide hydrogels. I recently started mechanical testing with the AR 2000ex rheometer, and my data is severely inconsistent. I was wondering if I could possibly contact you via email to discuss in depth the troubles I am having

John said...


You can email me at rheothing. It's a gmail account. I'd be happy to help in any way I can.