Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Museum of Design in Plastics

Doug Loeb of the Plastics News blog recently highlighted the Mueseum of Design in Plastics. The museum is located in Bournemouth, England and has images of much of their collection online. I am amazed by what good condition so many of the pieces are in. As we all know, plastics allow for some innovative design possibilities, but even a great design doesn't mean commercial success so there are lots of objects made during the last 80+ years, and unfortunately, the stories behind too many of these pieces have become lost.

Zhero Gravity shoes
So the museum is asking for help in identifying many of these objects. They even have a Top 10 "cold cases" page, featuring amongst other objects, the soccer/football shoes shown on the right. As Doug warned on his post, don't go to this site unless you have a lot of time to kill. It is very addicting.

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