Tuesday, April 08, 2014

The System Actually Works

Once people start distrusting the government, it is difficult to get them to reconsider, but this might: PlasticsNews is reporting that the Environmental Portection Agency (EPA) has told a New Jersey company to stop selling food containers with nanoparticles of silver in it.

The company had not registered the pesticide with the EPA as they were required to. "Part of the registration process is qualifying that a product does not put human health at risk when used as it is intended...".

It's pretty incredible isn't it, that the government actually wants manufacturers of food packaging products to establish that their products are safe. This must be a first. We all know how unsafe plastic containers are for food. Maybe the government will start looking at all materials that contact food.

For the sarcastically challenged (or for the readers for whom English is not their native language), the last paragraph was entirely satire. The FDA already takes a serious look at all materials that are designed to contact food. Getting approval for direct and indirect food contact for a new plastic is no piece of cake. I know. I've tried and have the bruises and grey hairs for the effort. And they do consider that people are going to save and reuse containers, put them in microwaves, fridges, freezers, maybe even ovens and boiling water and... If this company wants to keep making this packaging, they have a long road of testing in front of them. I see this as good news, that the system is actually working as it is suppose to, but for those that are cynically distrustful of the government, this will do little to change their minds.

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