Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Innovations in Polyurethanes Blog

I added a new blog to the blogroll – Innovations in Polyurethanes – by Geert Bleys, who has 25 years in the polyurethane industry. Geert takes a closer look each week at one new patent in the polyurethanes arena.

This may seem to be of a narrow focus, but I’ve always stated that polyurethane chemistry (and of course, the kissing-cousin of polyurea chemistry) is one of the broadest play sets available, so there is plenty of innovative activity to be discussed. The write-ups follow a standard template of Title, Patent Number, Assignee, Date and then the “Gist” – Geert’s 1 or 2 line summary of the patent and lastly “Why it is interesting”, which is where the commentary is.

The blog is available via RSS and email updates, and you can also follow the blog on Twitter (@PURpatents), and I would recommend it to anyone with direct, or even passing interest of polyurethanes.

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