Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Rich and the Poor

As more proof that the petroleum is not going to disappear anytime soon, look at what Saudi Aramco is planning: $100 billion in capital investments in downstream chemical refining. Keep in mind that Saudi Aramco is the world's largest company worth about $10 trillion with revenue of just of $300 billion, so $100 billion over 10 years is a paltry 3% investment rate. But again, more proof that the oil industry is going to be around a lot longer than anyone thinks and also proof that complaining about ExxonMobil "buying" politicians or government influence isn't paying much attention to how big "big oil" is and who is part of it.

So while Saudi Aramco is making money faster than a haywire printing press, other businesses are losing it with just as much intensity. Amerityre has announced yet another quarterly loss. This is now 75 continuous quarters of losses. How the company survives is beyond me.

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Alcor3000 said...

I guess Amerityre are still working on their polyurethane car tyre. :-)