Friday, July 11, 2014

A House Fire due to Spontaneous Combustion of Polyurethanes? - Not so Fast

This is just a quick followup to a post from a few days ago in which I wrote about spontaneous combustion of polyurethanes leading to a house fire. You may recall that I was initially skeptical of concept in general, but have come around to accepting it.

But that might not be the case with the house fire that first came to my attention. The Urethane Blog is now reporting that investigators are looking at other causes for the fire. (The headline states that spontaneous combustion is ruled out as as a cause, but the article isn't so definitive.)

I seriously doubt that we will hear anything more about this fire unless there are judicial proceedings (criminal or civil) arising from this. Fires make for good news, especially when a large, 10,000 ft2 house is involved, but few reports or publishers have the interest in following up on the dry details of a fire department report.

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