Friday, November 21, 2014

Dow Chemical and Third Point reach a ceasefire

The Polyurethane Blog is reporting that Dow Chemical and Dan Loeb, the activist investor and operator of Third Point LLC., have reached a ceasefire. Loeb will lay down his weapons for a full year including taking down his flashy website [1]. On the other side, Dow will add to the Board of Directors the two candidates that Loeb wanted plus two more directors. Since the current Board of Directors is the CEO Liveris and 9 others, there will now be a 14 directors total. If Loeb had won the proxy fight, his 2 directors would have been 20% of the board. Now he has to be content with 2 out of 14 (14%). That's called dilution.

So we shall now wait and see if the ceasefire holds [2]. It is possible that the board may start causing issues for the CEO, although it is doubtful we will ever find out much about such internal fighting unless the new guys decide to kiss-and-tell. The old board members are probably too loyal to cause much trouble. Such is the case whenever the CEO is also the Chairman of the Board, which is pretty always the case.

[1] Yep, the site is totally gone. 404. Not even a note saying that the site was taken down.

[2] So now what I am going to blog about, especially regarding Dow Chemical? Geesh, Loeb was great for providing bloggable material. Well, there are the ongoing appeals over the price-fixing scheme that Dow was found guilty of. They are now trying going to the Supreme Court (lots of luck with getting them to take the case).

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