Monday, November 17, 2014

Unemployed and looking for a job

Short and sweet: I am looking for employment. My previous employer, an unnamed Minnesota-based mining and manufacturing company gave me a severance package (pretty small compared to what I got 13 years ago when I was also let go from them, but times change). And so I am looking for a job in the Twin Cities area, particularly on the east side and into western-most Wisconsin. Advice and leads are nice, but names of hiring managers are solid gold.

I also am available as an expert witness. I was one 5 times in a previous employment situation, and also twice this past year as a side gig. I enjoy the work and have been able to make significant contributions to whichever side I'm assisting.

I would also be available for consulting, but that is one tough row to hoe, and I don't plan to actively pursue it into retirement. Not only do you have to hustle hard to get into a place, but once you do, there is the animosity towards you from the technical people who really feel challenged by your presence. I saw this many times while working at Aspen Research. We weren't consultants, just contracted technical personnel (who actually did lab work instead of just talking about doing lab work) but there was still more than one occasion where it felt like Mr. Freeze and the Freezies were at the table when we sat down to talk with them about a problem they couldn't solve.

As noted above, I've been in the situation before. There are some projects that I've wanted to take on but haven't had the time, and there is that extra weight around my middle that I will be able to whack away at making me, my wife and my doctor happy (that's a nice trifecta). I have learned to make the most of this forced time off and so the usual steps of "denial, bargaining, depression, acceptance..." just aren't there. I know there will come the day when I start employment again. If I knew what that exact day was, I would really sit back and enjoy everything until that day arrived, as would anyone in such a situation. So why should not knowing the day change that outlook?

Wish me luck and yes, I will keep blogging.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck!

silane said...

I hope work finds you soon. I enjoy reading your blog. Me and my family will keep you in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Good luck! It's an opportunity.
I got "reorganized" as wel a few years ago. The best thing that ever happened to me!

Anonymous said...

If a company that spends over a billion on R&D every year can't find a place for someone of your talents, that's not a harbinger of good times for us in the same business. Though, less selfishly, good luck on your search.

SJ said...

Best of luck! As to the "Opportunity" mentioned by anon-7:54 you may be able to talk yourself into believing this :).

You mentioned witnessing and consulting. Are you open to working for the government? USPTO is almost always looking for patent reviewers. The pay is not high, but the work comes with 100% telecommuting. There is some initial training in Alexandria, VA, though.

Generic Chemist said...

Huh? but your former employer there has posted quite a few organic job openings. Did you just hit a salary ceiling or has there an issue with a manager.

Hell, I have at least 5 applications pending there, and have not ever received an interview...