Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Post-Thanksgiving Hangover

It was quite a Thanksgiving weekend for me, so I'm behind on a lot of things. Consequently, today's post is pretty simple and quick to get out.

  • The British website Sciencecraft published a Q & A with me on Friday. Since I'm sure many Americans were out shopping for Black Friday specials and dozing off after eating turkey sandwiches, you might have missed it. I was asked a lot of wide-ranging questions and gave back even more wide-ranging answers, so I'm sure someone will take issue with something I said.
  • It's been about 6 months since we last were told that peer reviewers are being overworked and so we're about due for another opinion piece on the matter. Sure enough, here's the latest of the same-old-screes, in Nature of all places. As I've said in the past, you could use industrial researchers, since they outnumber academic researchers by 20-to-1 or some ridiculous number and they are largely untapped. Maybe it's time for a letter to the editor.
  • I will need to dig further into this one as it looks interesting, but the Daily Mail has an article relating pasta and polymers. Not the standard comparison of spaghetti and linear polymers as you might expect, but a new pasta shape, anelloni and polymer rings. While polymeric rings are nothing new, the modeling performed for this work shows that extremely large rings become entangled and glassy. The article is pretty poorly written so I'm not going to read too much more into it until I can track down the original research report.

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