Monday, January 12, 2015

Much about Nothing; OR The FDA clears BPA - again

Back November while I was distracted by other matters, the FDA once again found that the current uses of BPA in food packaging are safe:
"FDA’s current perspective, based on its most recent safety assessment, is that BPA is safe at the current levels occurring in foods. Based on FDA’s ongoing safety review of scientific evidence, the available information continues to support the safety of BPA for the currently approved uses in food containers and packaging."
This will not end the debate, but my concerns are not so much on the safety of BPA, but rather on what the alternative will be.

And that is a point that BPA's critics are deafly silent on.

BPA has been used for over 50 years. There are still ongoing investigations about about it and an never ending debate about what risks are acceptable, there are even a greater number of unanswered questions about all of the alternatives, since none of them have been used for anywhere near that time period. Further, the regulatory reality would also be that if BPA is banned and the new alternative is found to be just as bad or even worse than BPA, there will be no going back to BPA, since afterall, it was banned. Imagine the outcry against the agency proposing to un-ban a previously banned substance. Senators Blather, Bluster and Bellyacher would immediately be on TV calling for hearings (the speakers at such hearings would of course largely be movie stars, sports figures and musicians since they have expert opinions on all matters of importance), and Representatives Rep, Publi and Can would be calling to impeach the President (unless it was a Republican president, in which case it would be Representatives Demi and Crat calling for impeachment).

Also keep in mind that this view on the safety of BPA is the same one taken by regulatory agencies in Canada, Europe and elsewhere. It's not just the FDA that is "in the pocket" of the canning manufacturers - that evil cabal has their fingers everywhere.

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