Monday, March 30, 2015

Eastman Chemical is EXPANDING their Tritan production

Over the last couple of years, Eastman Chemical has battled on many fronts (legal and otherwise) with a University of Texas - Austin neuroscience professor, George Bittner, over whether or not their Tritan copolymers can exhibit estrogenic activity. I won't go over any of the technical issues on horribly flawed Bittner's research methods are. Those interested can read my past posts [*]. I'm just writing briefly today that it put a smile on my face to read that Eastman is expanding their Tritan production capabilities.

It looks Bittner's little effort to bring down Tritan copolymers isn't working very well. It don't recall seeing similar announcements regarding Bittners' businesses, Certichem and Plastipure undergoing similar expansions. I wonder why not?

[*] This is good starting point.

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