Thursday, May 07, 2015

Fast Times at Aspen Research

Looking back on all the job changes that I've made over the decades, I really don't regret any of them (regardless of whether I left the job or the job left me!). But a recent local news report made me "light up" when they mentioned a former employer - Aspen Research.

Before we get to them, you need to know that last year, Minnesota approved the use of medical marijuana. You can't grow you own, but have to get the stuff from certified dispensaries which are supplied by certified growers. And as a compromise needed to get the bill approved by the governor, the THC and CBD can only be in pill or oil form - no smoking allowed. And that means that someone needs to test the pills and oil for the content of the active pharmaceutical ingredient. And that's how Aspen Research entered the picture. They were one of two labs selected by the state to perform that analysis.

Oil? As in a liquid? As in there is some rheology that should be studied? Oooh! Let me help! It's probably going to take a lot of material to get a good protocol set and there will be lots of waste and nothing left over to return to my supervisor...

But seriously, I am happy for Aspen that they got this contract. They are ISO 17025 certified, and at least one of the people on staff has prior experience with testing wacky tobaccy, so it was a good choice for the state.

And no, this really doesn't change my thoughts about going back there. The reasons I left that job are still just as valid as they were before. Besides, I've never yet partaken of the stuff and I'm not about to start.

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Anonymous said...

I believe Minnesota Rubber, not too far from where you went to HS, has an opening for a mid-level manager. The hiring manager appears to have a Minnesota bias, but good luck.