Tuesday, June 02, 2015


The Rheothing household is packing up and moving this week to a more appropriate location. "Appropriate", in this case mean more proportionate in size for a married couple with a small dog and no children, said scion having left for the West Coast, never to return to the blizzards of Minnesota. Geographically, the move is little more than a mile, but a move is a move is a move and so you may have noticed a decrease in posting frequency this past month; this can be inversely correlated to the number of boxes packed. As it will only get worse the remainder of this week, this post will be it until this old desktop computer is unpacked in the new location and reconnected to the InterWebs. Look for an onslaught of pent up ideas.

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Unknown said...


I know exactly how you're going to feel about this...

Isaiah and Romero said...

Great bllog