Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Post-Move Thoughts (with somewhat of a Mathematical Orientation)

That was not exactly the move we were hoping for, as it took far longer to get back to a reasonable routine than we ever expected [1]. We are still not all there yet but we at least found the pans so we can cook something without using the grill. I only was able to unbox the computer yesterday and am way behind on emails, so this will be fairly short today.

Injective and non-surjective
This move was the first of a new class for us. Prior moves were always into bigger houses and so finding spots for everything was not a problem. This can be mathematically described as an injective and non-surjective function, which is illustrated on the right. (Injective means that each element of X goes to a unique element of Y. Surjective means that every element in Y is mapped to from X. Since we were moving into a larger house that (initially) had extra space, our move was non-surjective.)

Non-injective and surjective
But since we are now empty-nesters, this move was our first that was non-injective and surjective, as illustrated on the right. As much as we spent the last year reducing our amount of personal property, we still ended up with a non-injective move. And that means that we have to get creative about storing stuff.

All the boxes are slowly being flattened and all the bubble wrap is being neatly stacked so as to minimize space in the garage until it's gone. That plastic performed it's job wonderfully, preventing the breakage of any valuable and/or fragile items. While the bubble wrap may seem wasteful (it was only used once [2]), had it failed, the bubble wrap AND the wrapped item would have BOTH ended up in the trash, further increasing the waste. Good packaging is never wasteful.

[1] My wife and I had decided to replace our old mattress with a new one as part of the move. The day before the move, June 3, a local charity came to take it and some other furniture. We had arranged with Sears for delivery of the new mattress on the 5th (a Friday), being willing to sleep on the coach for two days. Unfortunately, Sears missed their initial delivery window, only to call with a later one which they also missed. At this point, they cancelled delivery for the day and promised delivery on the next business day, that being Monday. This meant an additional 3 days of sofa sleeping and a corresponding increase of marital grouchiness.

[2] We will keep some for use when shipping packages in the future - assuming we can find a spot to keep it!

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Anonymous said...

If only there was bubble wrap for humans to sleep on, perhaps made from a more durable plastic like PVC. "PVC bed" doesn't have a great ring to it, but since you'd fill it with air, it could be a sort of "air bed."

John said...

Call me doubtful. The waterbed was never a big hit and what you're proposing doesn't strike me a being that different.

Anonymous said...

I see what you did there, it's a "Venn and Now" picture...

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