Monday, January 18, 2016

Molten Aluminum and Superabsorbant Polymers

I'm not sure that there is much "science" in this video, but it does use superabsorbant polymers to create some pretty neat art at the end from molten aluminum.

I hesitated to draw attention to this, but it already has over 4 million views so I'm not pointing out something that would otherwise go unnoticed. It's just that most of the demonstrations of "The Backyard Scientist" are done with poor safety precautions and as you heard in the video, a cavalier attitude towards them. The description page on YouTube states in part:
"Almost everything I do can be considered dangerous, but I have been doing this stuff my whole life. I have experienced burns, cuts, temporary hearing loss, shocks etc etc.. But with each mishap I have learned something the most important way, by experience."
Wow. Thankfully this guy videotapes everything so that, heaven forbid, when that day arrives where something does go seriously wrong, it will be well documented so that others can learn from his experiences.

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