Friday, June 23, 2017

A House Built from Plastic Bottles

Plastic beverage bottles are considered by many to be a bane of modern society, but their durability and strength has an appeal that some people are able to take advantage of. In Argentina, there is a house constructed from these bottles. Not just the exterior walls
but also the bed

While this may seem like a novel idea, a little digging shows that it is not. Such houses exist around the world. Just don't expect to see one in my yard soon however. I suspect that my wife, the neighbors and the City of Woodbury would disapprove.

All of this demonstrates many of the strengths (literally) of water bottles. While most people focus exclusively on what only during its brief life in the hands of the consumer, I've mentioned before just some of the many requirements that a water bottle needs to meet, many of which the consumer is not directly aware of. Having a long life before it degrades can be good or bad, all depending on the application.

These houses are new to me, although the use of plastic water bottles in construction isn't. I wrote in the past about the use of water bottles in roofs, either as a light source or as a thatching material, all of which shows further the limitless of human creativity. I doubt that this is the last new use we will see here for such bottles.


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