Free Access to Research in the Polymer Literature

This page is an attempt to catalog places where one can access for free research articles that normally are subject to access after (substantial) payment. The emphasis will be on my areas of interest, namely polymers, their rheology, chemistry and physics and whatever else I find myself looking at a lot, but in many cases, this information below can be used for accessing articles outside of these fields. For instance, Elsevier and Wiley make the first issues of all their journals of the current year a "sample issue" available freely, so if you are interested in philosophy or pretty much anything else, you are in luck.

  • This is an amateur effort, so I make no guarantees about the accuracy of the information, particularly since much of the access is temporary.
  • If any information is inaccurate or if there are things I am missing, you can certainly send me an email (john dot spevacek at aspenresearch dot com) and I will be glad to correct my errors.
  • In many cases, you may need to register with the sites to access these articles
  • You can also read my post from a few months ago about my tips to accessing the literature.
I'm still trying to decide on the best format for presenting this information, given that it is often changing and my html coding skills (and time for this) are limited. For now, I'm putting the accesses with the shortest windows-of-access at the top and those with the longest at the bottom.

Last update: January 20, 2012

Accessible until Feb. 20 2012:

Accessible for an unknown period of time
Accessible until approximately 1/1/2013:(These are entire issues of the journals, not just individual articles). From the American Chemical Society From Elsevier From Wiley (I suspect that since many of these issues are from 2011, the linked issues will go behind the pay-per-view firewall in the near future as issue 1 for the current year (2012) is made available.)


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